Welcome to YOU KNOW, I KNOW, the fanlisting for the relationship between BTS members Jimin (Park Jimin) and SUGA / Agust D (Min Yoongi), beloved by fans for their Tom-and-Jerry-like bickering dynamic that they bring to their friendship, along with the sense of profound respect and closeness that they evidently share.

Yoongi and Jimin have both referred to their "subunit" on separate occasions as Minimiz and Minimini, and the Hybe/BigHit staff have called them "The Kitties of Bangtan." ARMYs in fandom spaces however know them better as YoonMin, SuJim, or JiYoon—the various amalgamations of their names, with the last one actually taken from the fake female name Yoongi gave the staff during Jimin's JPFC FACE fan vidcall event.

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You Know, I Know was officially opened on Dec. 16, 2023—near the end of what fans had termed the "Year of YoonMin" because of all the Yoongi and Jimin content that dropped this year.

The site title was taken from Jimin's solo song Serendipity (2017), from BTS' Love Yourself: HER album. Fans of the pair have always associated this phrase with them since this SUGA Birthday VLive (now on WeVerse)—a whole year before the song came out—when they used the phrase to each other (go to the 29:40th mark).

It is part of Ainna's Bangtan Collective, SUGA.NU. For any concerns, contact me.

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